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Employ@bility without barriers Project:

People with disabilities represent around one sixth of the overall EU working age population but their employment rate is comparatively low. The EU Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs aims in particular to improve the comparatively low work participation rates of Europe's disabled people. Hence the principal aim of the project is to capitalize on the exchange best practices among disabled people, world of work, vocational education providers and NGO’s via e-platform “employ@bility”. Each partner can exchange their experiences on this e-platform in order to integrate the disabled to the labor market more efficiently. Moreover this platform is enable to increase employment rate of people with disabilities and set a bridge between project partners. In other words, this project focuses on promotion of disabled people to get professional vocational education and facilitating their integration into labor market. It will bring an international group of partners together to cooperate, collect and disseminate information and share experiences of what every partner is doing in terms of helping disabled people to receive professional qualification and to get integrated into labor market.



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